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painting, digital animation


Born in Trento on 18 August 2000, she studied piano for three years at the F.A.Bonporti con-servatorio in Trento and then spent a year studying in New Jersey (USA).
Nina Groff currently attends the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence where she studies painting under the guidance of Miriam Pertegato and, in the last two years, Valdi Spagnulo.
In 2019, he won first prize in the Panathlon International painting competition in Padua.
In 2021, he participates with an animation in the exhibition ‘Wunderkam-mer. Le stanze delle meraviglie” held at the Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia.
His artistic research moves between expressions of a pictorial
pictorial, illustrative, intaglio and parallel in the world of digital animation.
The visual language combines scenes and memories of a bygone era, inserting them almost surreptitiously, in situations of a present re-interpreted and muffled by the inevitable change of memories.


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