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food, lifestyle, travel


Lilli Persson was born in Vienna, Austria and considers herself a very lucky girl for making the choice to become a photographer. She studied photography, earned her master degree. After graduating she turned to something different and worked many years as a graphic designer. Why? Just because she felt the need to think outside the box. Lilli is interested in food and people and is always looking for the beauty in the real, imperfect everyday life.

Her work is characterised by mood, color, character and emotion. She is a photographer but also creates moving images.





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Personal Brand List

Tchibo Coffee
Emmi Swiss AG
Mc Donalds
Nonno Nanni
Hohes C
Friends of Merkur Magazine
MaG Magazine
Servus Magazin
Mahlzeit Magazine
Falstaff Junior Magazine
Publishing House
Christian Publishing House
Little Brown Books UK
Knaur Publishing House

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