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Longo Sabanovic



Dino is a young actor-director and writer.  Born In Bosnia in 1992, his family moved to Italy in 1995, to escape the war. At the age of 18, Dino took his backpack and his camera and started traveling. He has lived all around Europe…Berlin, Paris, London and Milan, where he decided to live and study, acting under the guidance of Michael Rodgers. Then, he moved to New York where he studied with the great master Larry Moss. In 2018 he wrote and directed his first short movie, The Tempest, a short film that was entirely shot with an iPhone 7.  It won awards at several festivals. In 2019,  he was selected by the great Hungarian director, Bèla Tarr, as one of the 15 emerging young talents.  He was invited to participate in the Locarno Film Festival, where under the guidance of Bela, he directed a collective movie titled, Under The God. In the same year Dino self produced his first feature movie, NADA, with which he reached the first national television, FACE TV, where the movie was premiered and distributed  In the last  two years, he directed Several short movies and various commercials.  He has also collaborated with fashion magazines as ICON and GQ with editorial stories highlighting him as an actor and his career. In 2021 Dino will direct his second feature movie.


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