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After completing his photography studies in Rome at the European Institute of Design, he moved to London. We are in the late eighties and the moment could not be more propitious. If a new “swinging London” is about to be born, he feels ready to give his contribution to make the city once again establish itself as the world capital of culture. This is confirmed by his first cover photo taken for Arena, an iconic style magazine, which portrays Sting wrapped in a red synthetic fur fire by Katharine Hamnett. Other prestigious assignments soon arrived, in a short time his shots of Marie Claire, Elle or Vogue became a custom in Italy. The intimate portrait soon became the hallmark of his work, with countless celebrities parading in front of it: from Jeremy Irons to Robbie Williams, from Keira Knightley to Kylie Minogue. And then prestigious names in Italian cinema such as Raul Bova and Paola Cortellesi, the legendary architect and designer Achille Castiglioni, the myths of Italian rock and pop music such as Gianna Nannini and Giorgia.

Even if he enjoys a certain notoriety (as attested by the interview with the queen of the American media Oprah Winfrey), he is not content to remain confined to the sparkling universe of fashion and celebrities. On the contrary… he even goes as far as launching himself from a Russian jet to shoot a photo shoot at the North Pole! In 2006 he was elected Hasselbad Master. This is one of the most prestigious awards a photographer can aspire to. In 2011, a collection of famous portraits was published, collected in the book “Portraits” and taken in twenty years of career. The book is published by Skira and in the English edition has a preface by Ivan Shaw, director of photography of Vogue America. The success of the book generates a series of artistic events: London, Milan and New York inaugurate a selection of the most significant portraits.


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Style Magazine
Mix Mag
Clements Ribeiro
Luisa Spagnoli
Radio DeeJay
Suzuki Swift
Liberty London
Pierre Mantoux
Faber Castell
Cerruti 1881
Ray Ban
Marina Yachting
Swatch Skin

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