Who I Am

thumbnailRoberto Covi gained widespread appreciation due to his personal style and approach to photography. What is unique about his work, is precisely this diffusion among several forms of art, that gives birth to exquisite ideas, innovative editorial approaches and an almost cinematographical approach of the subject. His photos manage to send across real messages and feelings; they challenge, intrigue and inspire the viewers. Roberto Covi was born in Bolzano. Ever since he was a child, he discovered his affinity towards many forms of arts. In school he learned that he had a natural inclination towards words and writing. Consequently he decided to follow Literature and Philosophy at the University of Bologna. During his years there his fondness of poetry was awarded with his name being included in the list of ” The ten new promising italian poets”.Shortly after finishing University Roberto became more and more drawn to photography.


Video: Il Tema del Filo

He discovered that not only writing could help him express his intimate, personal view of the world, but also the camera. The artist manages to shoot an ample array of photographs through numerous techniques, while still managing to maintain his personal signature throughout every picture. Roberto has held several exhibitions such as “Bilbao” held in Bologna in the spring of 2001, or “In the valley” held at the Studio Metrogramma in Milan during the Design Week, in 2007,  during spring 2014 he took part with his exhibition “Erewhon” at the European Festival of Photography in Pesaro, then in Bologna till January 2015. Aside from his exhibitions he held several workshops and seminars on various themes, including fashion. In 2005 he held at the Milano IED Moda lab a Master for History of photography. The artist fresh, sincere approach to photography has inspired clients such as: Giorgio Armani, Baci Rubati, La Martina, Rodrigo, La Perla (Occhi verdi), Golden Lady, Oltre (Miroglio), Les Tropeziennes, Warner Italia, Sony Columbia Usa,  Myths, Wella, etc. As for magazines, he collaborated with: Marie Claire, Velvet, Bad to the bone (Paris), Fiercive (Japan), Colours (China), WU magazine, Urban etc… Roberto is currently one of the most interesting photographers in Italy. His bold ideas, his courages techniques and his freedom of thought, all aid him in delivering new, exciting images to the viewers.”