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Flavio & Frank are two brother photographers who have been working together since 2004. They both graduate in photography at the European Institute of Design in Rome, and then continue their education with two masters in fashion photography and digital photo retouching at the John Kaverdash academy School of Milan. Over time they have developed their own personal style predisposed to commercial and portrait photography, especially of artists and musicians. Hyperrealism is the primary characteristic of their images. They love to capture the expressions and beauty of every face, every little nuance.

They work in symbiosis giving extreme importance to the inseparable relationship between shooting and post-production. There are so many ways to tell the world we live. Flavio & Frank have always decided to do it with their photography: an art that respects the technique, but that starts from the emotions. Every single shot, whether it’s a portrait of a character or a photo for advertising, it’s a story. To read, to interpret, to live and to internalize. A story where the colors, the expressiveness of the faces, the lights and the nuances, while replacing words, have the same communicative power. Photography, for Flavio & Frank, is not just a job and is much more than a passion. It is a true life mission, started when they opened their eyes to the world, whose purpose is to capture the maximum aesthetic and conceptual potential from what is represented before the objective.

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